Is There Any Difference Between Wedding Cinematography And Wedding Videography?

Man has been trying to save his beautiful moments since forever. As there were no cameras in earlier ages so man used to save his beautiful memories by engraving something special about the moment on a wood or on stone. However, we are fortunate enough to live in times where almost each one of us carries our personal camera with us which are attached with our smart phones. Even though, this camera also helps in saving the moments but it is way behind the shots which are taken by the videographer or a photographer. The art of capturing videos or photos is way more than just holding a camera and moving it around. It requires special technique, sight and skills to make a beautiful video or picture. There are lot of stages and steps involved in making a single video. Photography, videography and cinematography are related to each other in many ways but if you look into it elaborately then you are going to find some prominent differences between them. In this article, we will be discussing about the differences between wedding cinematography Camden and wedding videography.

Wedding cinematography:

Cinematography is the way of capturing visual images in such a way that in the end we get to see a whole movie like video that has certain message in it. In case of a wedding cinematography, the video is of a wedding ceremony that has the message of love, fondness and the eternal bond between the two individuals. Lot of skill and technique is required to film a wedding cinematography. There are three main stages involved to complete this whole process of wedding cinematography.  These stages are pre-production stage, production stage and post production stage.

Different aspects have to be looked upon while filming a wedding cinematography video. Some of the important shots must be included in every wedding video like bride and groom getting ready for the occasion, the aerial view of the area where wedding is meant to be held, the entrance of bride along with her father, groom waiting for the bride, the vows and many more such shots. Visit for further information regarding same sex wedding photography in Sydney.

Difference between wedding videography and wedding cinematography:

Wedding cinematography is carried out  in such a way that it does not seem like a plain video rather it tells about a story of the couple and their family members getting prep for the big event. On the other hand wedding videography is the capturing of the moving images in the form of a plain video.


Wedding cinematography is the depiction of the whole event of the wedding ceremony in the most beautiful form possible. We can say that wedding cinematography is the processed and refined version of the wedding videography. The video that is composed by the wedding cinematographer include all the important, beautiful details of the wedding ceremony. “Faure Valletta photography” offers the best services of wedding cinematography carried out by the expert wedding cinematographers.